First Meeting

Was seen lurking in #Carleon watching #Ailleen , and other #SeaDogs . She wore a red mask with a large nose before Ailleen forcefully ripped it off her face.
While trying to keep #Ailleen from interfering with events in the restaurant Shanty, during the meeting of the #SeaDog captains. #Ailleen surprised her by knocking her out.


She is a member of an organised group . How they call themselves is unknown.But they seem to have knowledge about the occult and non-occult pieces of power around Theas. Including the Sidhe, and their influences.

She also knows about the weapons of power, one of which is the #The Feather . But not much about anything else important in today’s world.

She has a lot of different markings of the word Ajari tattooed on her body.

Current situation

After defeated by Aileen she resides in the brig of the #Albatross , with doctor #Willem Van Vliet watching her recovery.

Now she has the opportunity to leave she choose to stay with the Albatross and has assimilated in the crew.


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