Bjern The Jackal

A large Vesten in a suit, second in command of prince Villanova



Brought up by two nobles in Avalon after being cast out of Vesten. His father #Bjergunson a member of the Vesten Council threw him on a ship never to be heard of again.

After being raised in Avalon with two very demanding nobles. He was treated like an animal you show off on an party. To show how well he was trained.

Now he is more known as the Jackal of Villanova. And visits the enemy’s of Prince #Villanova, when his master needs a through cleaning.
A ’ trusted’ member of the Villanova court.


Wears a very stylish mostly Avalonian suit and carries a handmade staff inscribed by the Mysterious Runes Empower. The staff is is named Luth en can be invoked by only the strongest warrior’s.

Current whereabouts

Bjern The Jackal

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