Nora Di Caprio

A younger professor at the San Gustavo University.


As Willem discovered she has led the investigation into the mysterious deaths and disappearances surrounding the publication of the #Continuum. Most was theory but she made some interesting connections:

The vendel league have tried to shove the creation of this publication under the rug. Going so far as to get rid any connection they have to the family of #Willem, the writer.
The people involved in the publication have been been in accident or disappeared without a trace.
In several locations there have been similar accidents, but Nora has not been able to connect them.

Members of the van Vliet family have been target of the conspiracy, the father #joost has been handed over to the Vodacce professor #Rosetta, of the #Dionna university.

#Juliette an associate of #Nora, seems to know more about where #Joost might be held, and why.

Nora Di Caprio

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