Rachelle D. Dubois

Ex-member of the Sofia's Daughters


Rachelle D. Dubois

The writer of DaughtersDiary.
Decades ago during The Great War Rachelle sailed along the #Latro on a mission for #Sofias Daughters to discover the #Diamond Isles and an artifact belonging to the #Blackraven.

A few months ago the #Oracle recorded the diary on the scavenging ship #Sangsale heading out of the #Bermuda Scatters.

When #Aileen infiltrated the #Sang Sale she found her Diary and her owner chained to the wall of the captain’s cabin. Wearing the #Blackclaw around her neck.
She seemed to have amnesia, but when confronting Aileen, a fellow daughter in private, she revealed her true nature.

Rachelle refuses to back to the daughter, showing a lot of anger towards her ‘family’. She made an agreement with #Pierre to give him her amulet and for a small favor, meet the #Red Cardinal in #Buche.

She made a deal with Willem van Vliet to trade the Alchemist vials for the poison’s. But Willem did not show up at the arranged time.

In San Gustavo Aileen recieved a small book surrounding a book called Legion’s Caress Sole Survivor

She moved around the ship like a snake and before anyone noticed disappeared in Buche’s port.

Rachelle D. Dubois

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