Sean McCodrum

Captain of the Sea Dogs, Aileen's lover


Captain of the Harsh Mistress, veteran sailer and close friend of Jeremiah Berek.

He hasn’t been seen around Avalon since <june> of the current year. But now he has called in a meeting to take down the #Nine Cats .
With the help of #Queen Meave he has returned to #Caleon, and gathered his fellow captain to strike back at the #Nine Cats.

He had a rough few months away from home, with his back littered with old and relatively new scars wounds and burn marks. He does not show it, but he has gone through rough times.
His ship, the Harsh Mistress has seen better days. Although most of the damage has been patched up, you can see that it has seen battle. Only the dark blue sails seem unharmed.

Sean McCodrum

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