Blooded notepad

Prophecy of Noir Draknur



A notebook that was blooded by #Pierre to use for communication with Sean the captain of the #HarshMistress. But after the events of the Isles of Scully #Thorhildir saw that the notepad fell into the hands of #Neathilla a Fallen Sidhe.
Shortly after #Pierre pulled the notebook out of her hands and with it the notebook was filled with scribblings in every language known and unknown.

It includes several runes unknown to Thorhildir.

Current location

Currently #Willem takes care of the notebook and tries to discover its hidden secrets.


So far Willem has been able to transcribe a few parts. The contents seem to resemble a prophecy and is repeated over and over.
— “Noir Draknur” is mentioned is various languages and contexts
Parts of the Prophecy: The rising of Noir Draknur

The Red Sun, a promise of power. holding back the darkest nightmares.
During the year of the Dragon, a bird will fly throught the fiery skies.
And choose a child from the white fields.
When lightning, fire, water touch an earth harder than diamond,
The chosen child will color the Sun as red as blood.
Only the bringtest light can hold back Noir Draknur from claiming the Red Sun.
Or it’s corruption will spread father than ever before.

Blooded notepad

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