Journal of Chiang Lao, The Black Raven

Cathayan Journal Aileen found on the Sang Sale



A very old journal, dated somewhere around the 1400-1500 written in Cathayan. A lot of the journal has been ripped out, in several intervals.


Willem has been able to get a sense of several chapters that are still available in the journal.
It describes several locations in Thea’s, at least two. The describe locations important to the captain, islands that have rock as hard as diamond.

Bermuda Scatter

One of the isles can be found among the Bermuda Isles.
The other is hidden around the Vodacce Prince isles, the exact location is described in a riddle that Willem has not been able to translate.


It is suggested that on every island an artifact with hidden power is hidden away.

Journal of Chiang Lao, The Black Raven

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