Albatross, a ship

The Path to now

  1. Whitby and arrival in Carleon: The Missing Feather
    • Boarding the Gourde
  2. Carleon: The meeting of the Captains
  3. A detour into Bryn Bersail at the Scully Isles
  4. The Castillian Armada assaults Entour
  5. Ambushing the Sang Sale
  6. Buche: Facing the Red Cardinal and The Society under the Red Sun
    • Jan van Vliet and the Claw Amulet
    • Pierre faces off with the Red Cardinal in the sewers of
    • Thorhildr unleashes a deadly compound in the sewers of Buche, killing dozens of innocents. She claims responsibility.
  7. Castille – San Juan and San Gustavo
    • Proffessor Nora Di Caprio throath was cut with a bodice dagger.
    • Rafael joins the Albatross
    • The Shipwright Manuel and his dealings with the Vaticine Church
  8. Vodacce – up the river towards Numa
  9. Vodacce – Driven into the Swamps

Seven Secrets of the Black Raven

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